EO4SD Marine training course for West Africa

Event date: 
14 April 2020 to 17 April 2020

Around 70 participants from across West Africa attended an EO4SD marine training course in support of the WACA project. The course was aimed at developing attendees' capacity to work with satellite data relating to managing and monitoring the state of the coastline.
Delivered by EO4SD project partners Suhyb Salama (ITC) and Maggie Kossida (Seven), the course was originally planned to take place face to face in Senegal but due to Covid-19 restrictions it was delivered online. The up-side of moving to online training meant that more attendees than would otherwise have been possible managed to participate.
Attendees will continue to be supported in the application of their skills via an online forum alongside access to case studies and reference material from the training.