Webinar 1 - Shoreline Change 01.06.2021

Event date: 
1 June 2021

Around 60 participants from across West Africa attended an EO4SD marine webinar based on shoreline change analysis for the WACA project.

The course was aimed at showcasing existing shoreline change analysis within the EO4SD project and develop an understanding of the methods to monitor the shore.
Delivered by EO4SD project partners Stephen Carpenter, Christine Sams (NOC) and Maggie Kossida (Seven), the course delivered online in English and French with a Q&A after the talk. The talk is available by the following link but will be accessible through YouTube soon.

English - https://ukri.zoom.us/rec/share/NgVVqh9ZOvPtO448jJsRaDhMn-rN74EBTI1xiHOy7DZJzNC0JeJSf6z0m9dHhraK.dJj0vbQKjjB84l5O Passcode: R3!f+FW2
French - https://ukri.zoom.us/rec/share/OfpEWg_4V9zuGiPRd9zLxtGhpTVCjmAxowB2Mm42PdcuJqZWF8IBlVQDyHVW6cwY.37_t94xuX-DQw8gH Passcode: mYZ*g9$3